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I like beer and Chess

I like beer and Chess

Fundado: 21 de dec. de 2014
Membros: 4.846
This group is intended for people who like Beer, Chess and making new friends. We have two official languages Portuguese for our Brazilian friends and English for the rest of the us. We hope you will join us to help  develop our group and explore the world of beer. Drink hard, Play fair and Make friends. Our group participates in tournaments in various leagues, Profissional Chess Association World League, Team Match Tornament League in model Standard chess and Chess960 andClub Chess Tour. We have exclusive administrators to coordinate our games in Vote Chess.


  • Conectado hai 6 horas

    Paul | York, Inglaterra

    Uniuse ao club: 4 de mar. de 2015

  • Conectado hai 3 horas

    Francisco Navarro | Santo Andre SP, Brasil

    Uniuse ao club: 31 de mar. de 2015

  • Conectado hai 23 min

    Maercio | São Paulo, Brasil

    Uniuse ao club: 21 de dec. de 2014

  • Conectado hai 5 horas

    Eric Dirga | Orlando/Boston, Estados Unidos de América

    Uniuse ao club: 16 de feb. de 2016

  • Conectado hai 17 horas


    Uniuse ao club: 3 de maio de 2017

  • Conectado hai 5 horas

    Mônaco Sueden Teixeira | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

    Uniuse ao club: 23 de set. de 2016

  • Conectado hai 53 min

    Perez | Brasil

    Uniuse ao club: 13 de xan. de 2018


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