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Kent, England
28 de ago. de 2017
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hai 2 días
I've just sent the challenge for the final round of the open rated County Championship, versus Gloucestershire and starting 7 July. Look out for the registration page soon.
hai 4 días
Morning all, there's still space for at least one more player in the under 1600 county championship match versus Herefordshire... starting next Tuesday. Please do sign up to make us as competitive as possible.
hai 10 días
Thank you.
hai 10 días
You can then apply as usual via green button with the head and plus sign. Failing that you could message @Trickydicky or @Matt1979 who are superadmins.
hai 10 días
Hopefully this link takes you to the homepage:
Analysis of Rochester (Minnesota) match games - 24 April 2021

Analysis of Rochester (Minnesota) match games - 24 Apri...

TheAuditer | 18 de abr. de 2021
Hello all, I've already posted this in our main chat, but it might sit better here... Some of you played in the recent friendly match against Rochester (Minnesota, US) chess club, which we narrowly won. I was contacted by my own opponent in that match (Rubus) to say that they are holding a match game analysis event next Saturday, to which we are invited (by Zoom). They have posted details here: The event will apparently feature 1-2 master level players an...