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Hello There!

Want to participate in fun matches, vote chess games and leagues?

we support  club wars .. a club of championships between clubs!!

We have many leagues at the same time!

Want to play bullet? -  Bullet League!

Want to play daily match? - Daily Match League!

Want to play rapid? - Rapid League!

Want a partner club with 1400 members? Coolest Chess - Chess Club - Chess.com

Want to take part in monthly elections? Want your name on the info by winning tournaments? 

Want  to have fun reading jokes and solving riddles? 

You are at the right place! Join this club!

want to LEAN CHESS from a titled player? we have youtuber @kingandqueen2017 who is an FM !!

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGFfoQy07ho5wF_5duaz1vQ his channel!

We have elections monthly, 10+ titled players, great and cool ongoing games! we are a 700+ member club!

So what are you waiting for! Join now!