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17 de dec. de 2019
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 Open to all clubs on, which are around 10 months old, at least 100 members (except admins) at the time of registration and have 5 matches (+10 boards), or more, in Live matches history. This unique competition actually has two rankings. At the first 10 tables the Olympic ranking and at all the tables at which the match was played, the Overall ranking. The control time is: 10m+ 0s.

Organization for live chess only. This club does not play any type of chess match or tournaments but has a purely organizational purpose.

Registered clubs: ROMANIA Chess Federation, Team Chile, Mexico Live Chess, Team Nicaragua, Team Pakistan, Team Uzbekistan, Nicaragua, TEAM PHILIPPINES LIVE CHESS, Asociacion Mexicana de Ajedrez-AMA, El Rey Negro, Team Peru, Team Italia DOC, Dominican Republic and Blitz Chess Club, Nordic live group, The Volga Team, Sky-Ace International Chess Club.