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5 de xuño de 2020
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Join our club and have fun. We have among us many titled player. This club has been set up with the guidance and support of the very experienced @Coach-Bill. Though he is no more with us in the physical world, his advice will always stay with us. We strive to deliver you an interesting time here and look forward to your presence amongst us.

We are waiting for more great players like you who like to learn and guide.

What will you find here:-

Daily matches, live tournaments, daily tournaments, vote chess, riddles, puzzles, lessons, guidance of great coaches and much more.

Titled Players


@Basyak97 [NM]

@AbasovN [GM]

@Youtube-Kelvinchess [FM]

@Bgabor91 [FM]

@Snowflake100 [CM]

This is a growing and active club with 600+ members and is waiting for YOU.