McHenry Area Chess

McHenry County, Illinois
5 de mar. de 2012
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Nov 1, 2022
is there anyone in charge of this club who can contact me??
Sep 18, 2022
since the pearl restruant is closed we are people exactly meeting ?
Jul 4, 2022
Ladies and Gents...We will be on, Tuesday night at Pearl Street Park in McHenry  6ish...If you have not come to outside chess yet....come on has been a lot of fun...bring your own refreshments...Hope to see you...
Jun 6, 2022
Well the Library is being a law and order candidate and we are on the move again. We will try it outside and hold it at Pearl Street Park in McHenry, also known as Veterans Memorial Park. THere is a nice pavillion and plenty of tables and rest rooms as well. Hope to see you as we search for a more permenant spot. pearl street park mchenry il at DuckDuckGo
May 30, 2022
Bad news Mchenry Area chess players. On Sunday, Hidden Pearl closed thier doors. They are looking for a new space for the coffee shop. Jeff V. sent an email, Tues 31st will be at Mchenry Library. After that we need to find someplace else to play.