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Applicants must confirm the following when applying to join this club:

  • you are 16 years of age or older
  • your account has been open for at least 3 months

Open Discussion (“OD”) is a highly active group allowing its members to discuss more controversial topics, including political and religious ones, than are permitted in the main forums.

OD is the oldest running discussion club on the site which is run by a small admin team that enforces a few common sense rules:

  • No personal attacks
  • No hate speech or bullying language
  • No spamming

OD is rich with interesting discussions and great if you wish to learn new things, see new perspectives or sharpen your debate skills. You will also meet a set of exceptional and intelligent individuals. We strive to be the discussion club with the highest quality posts (though we admit, you will find many posts of varying degree of quality).

While the club language is English, the admin team strives to maintain an atmosphere inclusive to everyone including international members, women, and all kinds of ethnic minorities.

Please join and have fun.