Perfect Pawns

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16 de maio de 2018
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Do you want to join a club where team matches, vote chess matches and live tournaments are made and played? This is THE PERFECT club for you! Please do join, we will be so grateful if you do happy.png We're having our own championship, the Perfect Blitz Championship! 8 teams will battle out their hearts to be get the title of Perfect Blitz Champion! We're starting a bit small, but if you join us, we probably will make it bigger! The duration of the championship will increase, and so will the amount of fun you'll have in it! Also, we have a LOT of vote chess matches, so come join, discuss about the best move in the position and vote! (We have a few daily matches for you to join as well! We're also participating in daily chess league, so we need YOUR help in the matches!) Looking forward to meet you in the club! You have to remember 1 thing though: You can't advertise in this club