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May 21, 2010
and just wondering, is anyone still playing? it seems like our whole group is quite static
May 21, 2010
hello fellow members! it's good to be back. i will be on more frequently now that school is settling down, but that doesn't mean i'll be on 24/7. ;O
Dec 17, 2009
hey guys. srry i haven't been on that often. i'm quite busy at school now, so i'm probably going to stop in general. i might log on from time to time, but just giving you all a heads up
Dec 15, 2009
I must regretfully inform that I'm leaving the group for reasons that have to do with schooling
Nov 30, 2009
yo coolmodude, the only question i have is... why is it that artrice was demoted and banned(you need to tell him that u didnt do it cause he thinks its you and hes ticked) and he wants to know what happened to the numbers in the students group, just lettig you know