Team Australia

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This is the official group representing Australia on the site. It is for all those who would like to represent Australia and take part in inter-club and especially World and Asian League matches across all forms of the great game: standard, chess960, timed (Live) and vote chess.

We are also the current under 1400 rated match champions in the prestigious One World League.


Conditions of entry and ongoing membership:

  1. Must be an Aussie or living in Australia and must display the Australian flag on your profile
  2. The use of impolite photos or crude words in username, profile or general chat is not permitted at any time
  3. Must be available from time to time to join in our team matches
  4. Must not block Team administrators from sending you messages and announcements
  5. Cannot be a member of another World League team

Failure to observe any of these conditions is likely to result in membership being refused or cancelled.