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Team India

Team India

Fundado: 15/11/2008
Membros: 8.530
We invite Indians who (A) Fly Indian Flag in their profile (B) Have completed 10 online games (please understand difference from LIVE) and (C) have 0% Time-out. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY AS ABOVE. When someone says "Team India", a mixture of emotions come up. Unity, Fighting Spirit, Will to win for India, Friendship, Trust and the spirit of All for One and One for All. This group stands for all these sentiments. Team India represents India in all official International team matches of chess.com where groups fight for supremacy. Here we play serious chess to have good fun. We play team and vote chess matches as well as participate in forum discussions of diverse interests. Flying Indian flag is mandatory to become a member. See you inside...


  • Conectado hai 6 horas

    Shaji A.N | U.A.E, India

    Uniuse ao club: 24/11/2009

  • Conectado Jan 13, 2018

    Murali Ayaluru | Pondicherry, India

    Uniuse ao club: 07/10/2009

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  • Conectado hai 2 horas

    Skand Bhargava | Live in Dubai, UAE - But I am from, India

    Uniuse ao club: 25/07/2009

  • Conectado hai 1 día

    anubhav hajela | Bangalore, India

    Uniuse ao club: 02/11/2010

  • En liña

    Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Uniuse ao club: 24/03/2018

  • Conectado hai 5 horas

    Sanath Jamadagni | Mysore, India

    Uniuse ao club: 15/10/2011

  • Conectado hai 5 horas

    USHAVANI RAVALA | Hyderabad, India

    Uniuse ao club: 16/06/2017

  • Conectado hai 6 horas

    Chinmay Wazalwar | Mumbai, India

    Uniuse ao club: 22/02/2014

  • Conectado hai 3 horas

    Hitesh Kollipara | Guntur, India

    Uniuse ao club: 07/06/2014

  • Conectado hai 9 horas

    Jayanta Pradhan | Kolkata, India, India

    Uniuse ao club: 28/08/2017

  • Conectado hai 6 horas

    Dubai, UAE [But I am native to INDIA], India

    Uniuse ao club: 23/01/2017

  • Conectado hai 2 horas

    Akshay | 🌟 ιη∂ια, India

    Uniuse ao club: 23/01/2017


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