The Army of Finland
We here are the proud Finns. Some of us are Finns with finnish nationality and genome, some maybe only wanna-be Finns, but equally "finnish" as the first one, cause our hearts beats for the Finland as much as their hearts. However, we here are ready to have harsh and merciless (but always fair) chess fight against every other nationality group on the world, to prove what Finland can do in chess, and for chess. We here are ready to show you what strong fearless finnish spirit means, what finnish wisdom and diligens means, and where our strenght lies- right inside our hearts, our minds, and our unique spirit which is formed by centuries of wars for freedom and hard labour for our prosperity which finished with great sucess. So, all our chess "enemies"- prepare well, because the biggest fire is the worlds most silent one- the finnish fire which rises from the heart of the Lion!