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3 de feb. de 2020
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hai 25 min
wow, alot have been happining here when i'm gone
hai 46 min
I think Alekhine defense would be a lot of fun to learn as well. But these off center openings. Queen's Gambit is a fun line. Kinda blundered through the start of it in a 10 minute game. I won remembering the lines enough.
hai 51 min
@Tothineownself62 I actually have been playing around with the more off center openings. Like Pawn to E4 followed by pawn to c3. Or E4 followed by C4. I'm totally with you on the queen not charging the field to early. We all want to avoid free developing moves for the enemy. I used to play more then often a more London style start with the bishop then knight out next. But these off center openings seem to work better for me. I do see Reti in the open lines quite often in my games.
@Thomasvontom I am not much on either/or questions. e4 is the most popular opening because you can get your dark square bishop and Queen into the battle right away, but it is generally not good practice to bring the Queen out too early. At least that's what we are taught. She can easily become a target. d4 gives the possibilty of trying some other interesting openings and lines of play. Many GMs prefer opening with the Knight (the Reti) because it makes your opponent guess at your intent.
hai 1 hora
So I did catch one interesting thing. During some press conference with Magnus and some other guys. Anna asked a interesting question. If you could only play E4 or D4 at the open for the rest of you life. What would it be? I think I would go for E4. Both are clearly solid. But less moves to castle is my line of thinking. Curios what people would choose. I forget what their answers were.