The Tactics Thunder

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6 de abr. de 2023
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Welcome to  The Tactics Thunder(TTT)  club. We have no shortage of daily matches and vote chess. If you want to improve at chess and make friends, The Tactics Thunder is the club for you!

Some Information About Us:

The Tactics Thunder, often shortened to TTT, is a club founded by @LegendVerse1 in early 2023  


Our Staff at The Tactics Thunder 

Club Founder: @LegendVerse1

Owner: @LegendVerse1

Co-Owner: @MentalHurricane1

Public Relations Manager: @Kyu13

Head of Courthouse Division/Club Moderator: @AdhirajGM2025

Community Assistant: @Stormy


Head of match coordination: @Isengard

Club Mod: @Samurai-kitora

Club Mod: Rafael