Thinking chess warriors

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11 de xan. de 2021
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Welcome to Thinking Chess Warriors in advance. We would really love it if you joined and became a part of us.


We are an awesome bunch, with anything you would like. This is a fast progressing chess club, with a world class daily match and vote chess team, live tournaments, and competitions that you have a chance to be the winner of.



Improve your chess with us. We have instructive content in our forums. Everyday, you get to communicate with other people in forums; we don't mind off-topic conversations! You also get to discuss with each other when  doing puzzles, and see who is correct.



We have puzzles posted every two days AT LEAST, if not everyday. Some of them are very tricky.


Daily Matches

We have a lot of daily matches on our hands. We need YOU to come and help us. We have new daily matches to sign-up for every single day. We also Participate in 1WL, which makes it even more competitive.


Vote Chess

An amazing vote chess team. Are you into vote chess on this site? Well, this is one of the best teams that you can be in for quality vote chess. We have discussions, about every move, where we chat about the positions in depth.


Other interesting stuff in this club

Make a billion friends in this club. New friends are being made everyday. We would love to meet you too!



Feel like kicking some butt in competitions with your clubmates? Well, here we have a lot of competitions that are getting developed right now, so stay tuned for some more fun!