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Apr 13, 2022
The match against Palestine is already open.
Matches for June 2021

Matches for June 2021

RomeroNE | 11 de xuño de 2021
In this month, we have 2 matches for the European League and the World League, both start on June 15th. For the Round 6 of the World League, we will face to Bolivia. We are outplayered with only 9 players against 40. Please join here. For the Round 8 of the European League, we will face to Montenegro. Please join here. *** On the World League, we still fighting on the top of the table of Division F. In this moment, we are on 3rd position beneath Bolivia (1st) and Taiwan (2nd). On the Eur...
Matches for May 2021

Matches for May 2021

RomeroNE | 10 de maio de 2021
Greetings. This month we will have begin three matches of the competitions that we are playing: World League 2021 and European League 2021, all matches of this month will start on May 15, 2021 at 18:00 (Time of Vatican City). World League R5 - Match against Montenegro. We are outnumbered with 5 teammates agains 19 players of Montenegro. Please join: World League R6 - Match against Macedonia. We are outnumbered with 5 teammates against 9 players...
Matches for february 2021

Matches for february 2021

RomeroNE | 10 de feb. de 2021
Regards. The Administration of the Vatican City Team greets you and invites you to participate in the three matches that we have prepared for this month. World League - Round 2. We have a match against Zambia, it is the second for the World League. We have 13 players registered against 15 they have. Please Join. In the previous match agains Northern Ireland, we are winning 3.5 to 0.5. We need 3 points more to win. European League - Round 2. We...
Activities for the end of 2020 for the team

Activities for the end of 2020 for the team

RomeroNE | 16 de out. de 2020
After the restructuring process that the team has gone through in recent weeks, I am pleased to report that we have prepared a series of activities to end this year 2020 with a view to the important leagues that our team plays, which are the World League and the European League. starting in January 2021.  We have a game against the Republic of Ireland team with a minimum of 10 players, of which we have 5 to go. This game starts on November 1st, All Saints' Day. Link:
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