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5 de mar. de 2020
57 (#145)
hai 8 horas
Welcome to all new players. So many new faces. We’re excited to have you.
hai 17 horas
Also welcome to @Seeker_of_Truth and @colorfulcake!
hai 21 horas
Welcome! Feel free to join any games. Our most important games, the league ones, are linked above in the club description.
hai 23 horas
Please welcome our newest member, Shikharthechampionn.
hai 1 día
Yep :) I think they don't like me because I removed their SA for being inactive in this club.
A Word of Warning...

A Word of Warning...

N00BM4STER | 14 de set. de 2021
Hello guys! Sorry I had to make a news post about this, but I wanted to say two things:  First of all, thanks to our active members for continually supporting the club and helping it grow strong! I really appreciate you all, and I imagine that we all appreciate each other with respect.  Secondly, I would like to mention that some of our other members are not being quite as active. If you are either not participating in a vote chess game, or voting before a decision is made or without statin...
Warning! Hunting Down Inactive Members!

Warning! Hunting Down Inactive Members!

N00BM4STER | 1 de xul. de 2021
I've got some news, hopefully news that won't affect you in any way that will upset you.  I am planning on going through our members and removing many of our members who are not being active in this club. Here's what I mean by that:  1. If you've never commented in a vote chess game, you are in danger of losing your place in this club.  2. If you've never even voted for a move in a vote chess game, you are definitely in danger of losing your spot in this club.  3. If you don't reply to th...
New Vote Chess Championship Starting!

New Vote Chess Championship Starting!

N00BM4STER | 13 de xuño de 2021
There is a new vote chess championship that has just started. It is a 32 team elimination format, with 6 rounds.  The first round is now going. Here is the link to the game. Please join! Right now the first round is starting. Please note: there will be no elimination involved if we lose this game, but it will affect standings on tiebreaks in the future. It is very important that we win this first game.  There are some very specific exceptions in ...

Dark mode fix

Dark mode fix
7 de abr. de 2021

Business Idea?

Business Idea?
5 de mar. de 2021


16 de xul. de 2020
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