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Haii i'm Mattew, and welcome in my bio !

First of all, do not advertise your clubs in messages, I won't join.

Like fr do not.

So, I'm a regular active member that likes playing chess hates loosing, but I'm fair play don't worry)

You can pm me (message or quick chat) if you want, MAYBE I will answer, if I don't either it's because I'm busy either I don't wanna talk with you

Some facts about me: 

- Owner of MattewCorp yay 

- Admin in the Minecraft official club yay

- I'm very lazy 

- I'm NOT a simp 

- I'm NOT a weirdo

- People say I'm a simp but I'm surely not one 

My awesome friendss :3 

@PotterPooh : awesomeee, wanted me to make a list so i did lol 

@BananaPeelEater : randomly slapped my face ouch, but best friend :3 she likes to eat banana peels, and she's married to Squid boi 

@Sageui : the best lmao (inactive smh) 

@Ferrari_458_Italia : incredible guy, former god of spam, manages to spam and touch grass at the same time 

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