The Official Goofing Off Thread: Rerererererevamped


YOU READ THAT TITLE WRONG FOLKS! If you did, please. See a senseless person. They'll knock some sense into you! White font! Get played.
Let's bring back the OLD forum stupidity! The GOOD OL DAYS, when 2018 was still TALKED about!

Now, I am stupid in the purest form. NO ONE SHALL EVER BEAT ME! I renamed this thread what, 3.14 times? If this isn't for you, please open the door on your way out. Thank you! Please remember to dab on dem haters! Oof! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! lol. I'm such a troll. ):-)

Stop wasting space on other forums. Goof off here! Buy at 99% off now! Hurry, offer ends soon!

 Google just for @hitthepin Sneaking in more white font.

Original cost: 0$ Pretty cheap, but we can get CHEAPER!

New Cost: sqrt(-0)$! Much an amazing deal, right?

So come on down for cheap goofing around! And extremely sneaky white fonts!

Quote every new post to watch for sneaky white fonts!

No spamming, cursing, or religious/political talk. I used to put dictionary definitions, but they're gone now. Get dunked on if you're on phone and can't quote. Just hope someone else does it for you.

Jokes, quotes, and pure stupidity are welcome, unlike those OTHER threads. Also no R Rated posts.

Finally, shoutout to @HOrribleTomato, he's the best! Na, he's an absolute idiot. HEY!

@Hitthepin, @eryxc, CM @thegreatauk, @rychessmaster1, and @JasonGrace2017 for being regulars in this goofy thread!

Also @DisobeyedTeen and @WareDude too, but they've left the forum.

We're almost done! Just some vocab to teach you... then you can go and become a togoter!

Need to know vocab:

QOQ: Quantities of Quantity. What this thread has.

D' Arvit and Pigshanks: For when you need to curse, do so a little bit more politely.

'Vektov: One who says something (or someone, usually oneself), is great with no proof

Fle' Ethre: Means flat earther. One who will not listen to rhyme or reason, believes in something false, very stubborn about it.

PPD: Posts Per Day, Posts/Day=PPD

I'll take it! This is a great deal! I have never bought cheaper goofing off privileges! You know what tomato? You are a really good guy! I have never had such a good deal! I mean this is an absolutely great deal! Seriously though! I have never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever bought cheaper goofing around. Now I will stop complimenting or else I might get the tiniest, teensiest, smallest littlest, bit repetetetetetetive.


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Last updated: June 30, 2019

Updated bimonthly 

Number in parentheses refers to posts.

Only active threads appear on this list: ones that have not fallen beyond the second page of their respective section. 

Club threads are not included. I cannot possibly be in every single club in, and therefore cannot include their threads. In other words, public threads only.

If you spammed to get to your lofty position, I’m sorry, but you will NOT be included here.

There are likely mistakes here. Please do your duty and tell me!


Thing to remember:


@vickalan is not a dying soldier 

@winston_weng is not a dabbing pikachu 

@martin0 is not a Pokémon 

@captaintugwash is  not hedgehog 

@waredude is not a drawing 

@JohnHS is not a coat of arms

@Fly-Eagles-Fly is not a dog

@PixelByPixel is not Link

@Naviary is not a snowflake

@eryxc is not a.... you keep changing it!

@evert823 is not a diagram

@Disobeyed_Teen is not a kitten

@thegreatauk is not a great auk

@FBloggs is not a Rook

@MagnutsCarlson is not Magnus Carlson

@rychessmaster1 is not whatever his pfp is right now

@hitthepain is not a guy standing on a post

@hitthepar is not a guy standing on a post

@hitthepin IS a guy standing on a post


Because profile pics and logic.



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You see the stuff I said two posts ago? Yeah, pretend that's here, too.


Sorry, wrote it wrong. Fixed it! I AM SOOOOO SNEAKY

Yep, he fixed it htp, that stands for hit,the,pin(I said this veeeeery slowly so you can understand me and make me sound like I do not take you seriously.) i am going to start calling you htp from now on. Makes you sound like you own a website.

hitthetinypin http.

Yah! You are officially http, http! Do you like the name http? Hey http, you aarree fine with us calling you http right http?

Ok. I am goofing off here instead tomato. It just isn't as fun with just the three of us. We need more goof balls like us! Do you know where to find any?
Link will not work
Waredude wrote:
Link will not work

There's some kind of problem with it... I can't place it...

Waredude wrote:
Ok. I am goofing off here instead tomato. It just isn't as fun with just the three of us. We need more goof balls like us! Do you know where to find any? in general?

No, this thread. And I know the link is fake, it was a joke. I will admit it was terrible.
Hey, does anyone know who cleans the bottom of the ocean? Just say no if you want to know the answer.



I GET TO USE MY  BIG WHITE FONT HERE hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahah


What'd happen if I threw a tomato at a tomato?


Then there would be two tomatoes.