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* Kung Fu Chess *

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  • Formed: Jul 29, 2011
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  • Is your group keen for team challenge vs my Group - Bruce Lee?

    by Daywalker01 20 months ago

  • Boring

    by _36darshan-- 4 years ago

  • Hi, guys! I love watching kung fu movies of Shaolin and so I joined this group.

    by _36darshan-- 4 years ago

  • Hey all, try and start a few team matches, and invite the opponents who join because they would be active... Currently, I don't have a working comp, so I can't do this

    by Pawnpusher3 5 years ago

  • Our team, league of Chess, has locked our team due to the full number of people we have. lock your team, too. join League of Chess if you have the chance!

    by omglolbbqpizza 5 years ago

  • Hey thanks for making me admin.. I will do my best to assist this group :). Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am severely underrated (in correspondence that is) because I went on vacation and timed out in like 50 games.. my rating went down to 1100.. Now I am trying to get it back up

    by Pawnpusher3 5 years ago

  • Hey could I be admin... I would prefer that. I have been known as one of the best admins in some of my other groups, so I was thinking I would help this group out too!

    by Pawnpusher3 5 years ago

  • hello! greetings ..

    by Filde 5 years ago

  • Hey guys, I just joined this group since I wanted a small group that's active in matches. I hope we can improve together and become one of the bests! Hit me up, if you want to discuss any chess stuff :)

    by lleong1 5 years ago

  • I'm doing 4 online chess games now so I can increase my rating.

    by TheTopWalrus 5 years ago