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1. e4 group

  • Australia 
  • Formed: Sep 1, 2013
  • We are here mainly to show that 1.e4 is one of the most advantageous openings (no fear the Sicilian). We are looking for players that will help us prove, through competition, that 1.e4 is used to WIN. However, whether you always open 1.e4 no matter what, or just put your trust into it as a backup line, you will be at home here. 1.e4 has generally been considered a "beginners' opening," but we are proud to say we put our faith in it against strong opponents. We are mainly a team match group and compete annually in several Team Match leagues. We used to play in the TM Championships, but the league can no longer accommodate the number of members we've achieved, so we're looking forward to playing in new leagues this year. Let's show everyone which first move can be depended on all the time. With 1. e4! we is truly best by test! PS: This is the new group to the old one ! e4 lovers! Which the SA is very slack. This is a new active group

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  • i just joined this group

    by mromanian 19 months ago

  • Also playing always 1.e4

    by Joker-Jamal 20 months ago

  • Happy holidays!

    by mcris 22 months ago

  • that was rather interesting but i sometimes play sicilian but i play the main line then i play dragon and it still works out sooo

    by Hung175 2 years ago

  • sicilian is not so great, please see my last live game.

    by mcris 2 years ago

  • i thought they played d4 to avoid sicilian

    by Hung175 2 years ago

  • i always thought bobby fischer said e4 best by test

    by Hung175 2 years ago

  • nope

    by ChessUniverse1 2 years ago

  • d4 best by test

    by KingDestroyer121 2 years ago

  • how is everybody doing

    by ChessUniverse1 2 years ago