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  • Formed: Nov 6, 2012
  • You wanna join? Come have some fun as we will practice chess, learn new tactics, and just have fun playing chess!

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  • hi.

    by Gigglebox820 3 years ago

  • when you start a live game you need to make a move quickly, else it will abort automatically abort due to inactivity.

    by dacster13 3 years ago

  • Why do my games keep aborting ????????????

    by Smokybrookfield 3 years ago

  • Sam, I agree. Yo is cool! =D

    by MarioChessNiraj 4 years ago

  • dont mind my bro

    by droid347 4 years ago

  • Btw,good 4u michael

    by AJK2013 4 years ago

  • U say it 24-7

    by AJK2013 4 years ago

  • stahp saying yo sam

    by AJK2013 4 years ago

  • YYYOOO!!!

    by AJK2013 4 years ago

  • HELLO?

    by AJK2013 4 years ago