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Devon Chess

  • Devon England 
  • Formed: Jan 11, 2009
  • Devon, a great chess county and this a thriving group for all those who wish to represent us in matches and vote chess. You must have lived in Devon or currently live here! Those who don't live in Devon or never have WILL be removed. We are limited but fantastic :)

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  • Updated County Tables....

    by ColonelQue 7 days ago

  • Calling all our top boards - Worcester have just brought in several highly rated (>1800) players. Please check your diaries and see if you have time and energy to help your county! Thanks.

    by ColonelQue 6 weeks ago

  • Yes Mike, he's touring for practice, next year his world record attempt will be 47 boards simultaneously blindfolded.

    by Ladyofthe_Knight 7 weeks ago


    by EttoreMajorana 7 weeks ago

  • I'll post a link to Timur's site, has the details here :)

    by EttoreMajorana 7 weeks ago

  • Timur Gareev is in Exeter? nice of some GMs to get around! is it at Exeter chesss club?

    by thecentipede 7 weeks ago

  • Good luck with that - blindfold or not he is hard to beat! Is this part of his attempt to beat the world record for the number of games/victories blindfold?

    by ColonelQue 7 weeks ago

  • Sure will do Mike. Hey I'm playing Timur Gareyve blindfolded (him not me lol) next Thursday in Exeter:)

    by Ladyofthe_Knight 7 weeks ago

  • Keep an eye on the match though - another higher rated player joins - and you would be playing the bottom board?

    by ColonelQue 7 weeks ago

  • Too high rated for me.

    by Ladyofthe_Knight 7 weeks ago