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  • Formed: Oct 14, 2011
  • Europe and Asian chess player

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  • It would be great if any of our member,s could participate in this tournament,in order 2 show that we r still alive,as a group.

    by horsehead 3 years ago

  • I have set up a tournament against Fighting Gladiators and i hope that as many member,s will join in as possible,it is an open tournament,so is open 2 ALL MEMBERS.

    by horsehead 3 years ago

  • Hello 2 All Member,s of EurAsia.

    by horsehead 3 years ago

  • let us challenge North America Chess and also let us have some vote chess games

    by weamy 5 years ago

  • Oh and a merry xmas and a Happy New Year.

    by horsehead 5 years ago

  • Shaatir has said that he will join this group,if he is given the link.

    by horsehead 5 years ago

  • plz join to this match..need 1 player

    by ahvaz 5 years ago

  • Hi all, You can see our team matchs and give some recommendation For the match between oldbones vs Benju13, I have an idea: 21. Rxe4 Bxf3 22. gxf3 g5 23. Bg3 f5 24. R.. f4 HF

    by Shiluo 5 years ago

  • greeting familiar

    by Erorr_Chess 5 years ago

  • yup

    by CaptainJimTKirk 5 years ago