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French Defense Fanatics

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  • Formed: Aug 16, 2008
  • If you like to play the French Defense or would like to learn more about this interesting opening, this club is perfect for you. We will talk about hot new novelties, our own experience with the French Defense, and all about this counterattacking opening. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

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  • I'm a basic member so I can't that's why I was asking

    by Mustangcoffee 10 days ago

  • Meh. You could, but it's not something any French players are scared of, and it's not critical.

    by dpnorman 10 days ago

  • Ok cool not to be pushy but why is no one answering my question?

    by Mustangcoffee 10 days ago

  • i play this variation hoping to get the Orthoschnapp gambit. Very tricky in blitz but they can easily transpose to IQP games

    by Skeptikill 10 days ago

  • Ok cool but what do you guys think setting up a tournament with that varation?

    by Mustangcoffee 10 days ago

  • I often play 2.c4 against the French in blitz. It's not dangerous, and Black can play play 2...c5, often transposing into QP and symmetrical English structures.

    by Ziryab 10 days ago

  • So what do you guys think?

    by Mustangcoffee 10 days ago

  • It's not a common varation at all in the French Defense but it is used every so often

    by Mustangcoffee 10 days ago

  • 1.e4 e6 and white plays 2. c4 that's called the Steiner varation

    by Mustangcoffee 10 days ago

  • I give. What is the steiner variation?

    by hermarchus 10 days ago


Vote Chess League

Submitted by KillaBeez on Mar 11, 2009 posted in French Defense Fanatics News
Congratulations guys!  We have been selected as one of the participants in the vote chess league.  This league will have some of the best vote chess teams on, so we better be up to the challenge.  I will be representing the group in t...Read More »