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  • Formed: Feb 15, 2010
  • Welcome to ibenzgroup with chess win or die no draw and have fun.

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  • Are all members sleeping here!!

    by dbabudelhi 2 years ago

  • Team Match Chess ! please join :

    by SerjV 4 years ago

  • If you 1800+ and like to play Catalan,Close, please join :

    by mkaalam 5 years ago

  • Admins, can you lock this match soon:

    by Balachandar 6 years ago

  • Friends, please join :

    by mkaalam 6 years ago

  • thanks for the invite

    by LizardSlaveMaster 6 years ago

  • If you like more Chess960 tournament, Please join :

    by mkaalam 6 years ago

  • Thanks to all our new friend at Ibenz Group. Lets enjoy chess.

    by mkaalam 6 years ago

  • Hello thanks for inviting my...

    by Slap37 6 years ago

  • I am an old time chess player. I started when I was 4.

    by mcleister 6 years ago