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Ivanchuk fanclub

  • Kharkiv Ukraine 
  • Formed: Jun 6, 2008
  • This group is devoted to the greatest ukrainian grandmaster and one of the best in the world — Vasyl Ivanchuk. His games, from past or present, current activity, tournaments, video, pictures, and anything else that is conserned with him are welcome here. Vasyl, we support you and we know you'll be the champion of the world because you deserve it like noone else! :)

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  • Looks like more inactive than active )

    by V1738 11 months ago

  • Is this group still active?

    by atricapillus 11 months ago

  • Василь Іванчук став переможцем рапід-турніру "ACP Мастерс" (м.Ашдод, Ізраїль).

    by V1738 11 months ago

  • Вітаємо з перемогою у швидких шахах на меморіалі Володимира Петрова!

    by V1738 20 months ago

  • Вітаємо Василя з вдалим початком на Tata Steel. Ну і звичайно всі підтримуємо Василя у матчі з Магнусом Карлсеном в десятому раунді, що відбудеться 21.01.15 о 13.30 CET

    by V1738 22 months ago

  • GM Vassily Ivanchuk is one of the greatest players in history

    by KchessKOfficial 22 months ago

  • Доброго здоров"я шахістам! Команда діюча, чи спить?

    by ARISTOKRAT-2192 2 years ago

  • awesome player...!!!

    by JaqueMate_Irina 2 years ago

  • Great to see there's life in our hero yet! Hope you all saw the result of the Latvian railway rapidplay. 12 wins, only 2 draws and 0 defeats! An elo of 3049! Carlsen eat your heart out.

    by Toboli 3 years ago

  • seriously one of the best players of all time! i think the main reason he hasnt been world champion is his nerves/mental problems

    by jpd303 3 years ago