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Kasparov Chess Club

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  • Formed: Sep 10, 2007
  • Welcome and play together with 6,300+ Kasparov fans! A group for the legendary Garry Kasparov, the manwith the highest ELO rating, world chess champion from 1985 to 2000 and a fighter who wanted better conditions for chess players. Keep in touch! *** Cheaters are not welcome to this team!

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    by Prince_of_Chess86 8 hours ago

  • tell me how to take a vacation?

    by IgorBozz 11 hours ago

  • Ведь скоро у вас будет война

    by Audiuspetriks 14 hours ago

  • Подскажите как взять отпуск?!

    by IgorBozz 14 hours ago

  • Audiuspetriks is very stupid because < 1300 turnamnet winer have 1600 reiting poins...

    by Audiuspetriks 4 days ago

  • how can we play a team match , 30+0

    by KichuKerela7 7 days ago

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  • hahahahahah

    by Tiago_Tendoshk 2 weeks ago

  • I'll be in Togo when you start your Tia Go.

    by estenssoro 2 weeks ago