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  • Formed: Apr 17, 2011

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    by JoeysGone 4 weeks ago

  • oo la la!

    by 22kevin2007 8 weeks ago

  • lock your team. we have been waiting since january!!!!!

    by Teo_ 2 months ago

  • Hisun kissun vaapulavissun!

    by atamaani 4 months ago


    by Doktor_Oleg 4 months ago

  • WELCOME, Greetings to all new members!

    by Mohamad-Far0uk 4 months ago

  • Thank you

    by hiwasalami 4 months ago

  • Thank you for the invite

    by Abumlikeabus 4 months ago

  • I hope we win so much competitions

    by Z_Tiyeb_Z 4 months ago

  • Good morning

    by Mohamad-Far0uk 4 months ago