• Where do monkeys go when they go? International 
  • Formed: Jun 22, 2009
  • This team was created to compete in the Animal Cup. Monkeys (apes, and all other primates included) are our closest evolutionary relatives and they are a truly magnificent creation. Let's enjoy some good chess in their honor!

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  • This is like a ghost team. Most of the SAs and members haven't been on for years

    by ChessSlimShady 3 years ago

  • I love monkeys and apes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by ChessSlimShady 3 years ago

  • More players need in Team Match ---> The Chess Magic vs MONKEYS---link--->

    by royalbishop 5 years ago

  • please lock ur team

    by sivasaravanan 6 years ago

  • you need to start round 2,3 and 5 if you are an admin please join this group and make sure your team matches and vote chess are started

    by ped123 6 years ago

  • Hey guys, a friend of mine is interested in joining an active group, what do you guys think with the match coming up?

    by vertical_monkey 6 years ago

  • hey guys, when's the next team match? Although I'm only really good for picking off the runt of the opposing litter :o)

    by vertical_monkey 7 years ago

  • im going to start a vote chess match lets all get done and play

    by dimartro 7 years ago

  • we need help in the game against the jaguars or we will get hammered

    by dimartro 7 years ago

  • ok if none else will i will be captain because i wont this group to keep a good team

    by dimartro 7 years ago

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