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My Name is Michael

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  • Formed: Oct 3, 2009
  • This group is only for members whose first name is Michael (or its nickname / variant like 'Mike', 'Miguel', 'Mikhail', 'Mako', 'Micah', etc.)

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  • Yes?

    by KnightOfTheLord 2 years ago

  • mike?

    by qkhg 2 years ago

  • do you have to be a paying member to be an admin?

    by qkhg 3 years ago

  • Hi my name is micheal (big surprise) and i am an active SA/A 3 other groups, and would like to add this one to it. any progress with asking what to do?

    by ChessinBlackandWhite 4 years ago

  • Good luck, Michael Adams!

    by MikeDoyle 4 years ago

  • Best of luck to our representative Michael Adams in the London Chess Classic. Win it for us Michael!

    by buffalorock 4 years ago

  • Michael, row your boat ashore.

    by MikeDoyle 4 years ago

  • what one of us could do is write them, get made SA, then make all members SA's and admins.

    by MikeDoyle 5 years ago

  • anyone can write to staff, explain the situation to them, ask to be made a super admin and they will almost surely do it. I had to do that a good while back for a couple groups.

    by MikeDoyle 5 years ago

  • the name and the team pic are badass though and as i'm typing this there are 4 mikes online, 2 of which whos pics include booze. = team is very well alive they are just as lazy as me... awesome

    by qkhg 5 years ago

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