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Number 1

  • International 
  • Formed: Nov 21, 2012
  • Welcome to Number 1 a fun and soon to be a very strong chess group. We welcome players of all strengths to join qand to take part in our various forums and team matches. Members who contribute to the group or consistently participate in matches will pe promoted to admin status. We are currently in alliance with Hogwarts Movecraft and Tactistry.

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  • i tried everything. nothing seems to work

    by masterracer 7 weeks ago

  • how?

    by masterracer 7 weeks ago

  • Let's make this group active! ;)

    by GuessWhoIAm 4 months ago

  • yeh

    by masterracer 4 months ago

  • Inactive group....

    by Joker-Jamal 4 months ago

  • new match! come on!!!!

    by masterracer 9 months ago

  • any forums that players would be interested in? we are starting to become inactive again

    by KiritoOP 12 months ago

  • can everyone please join the match with link:

    by clevermoosaa 12 months ago

  • well we are trying to get a number 1 tournament going, see the forum in the forum list. we have an intelligence quiz, but no one has participated yet. Othrwise team matches and the latest results for most active/succesful member of the group has been announced see member commitment forum. Currently I trying to get more members to increase activity and strength. Trying to get into the league hopefully.Any ideas let me know! Thanks for joining

    by masterracer 12 months ago

  • Glad to join this group. What's next?

    by PamirLeopard87 12 months ago