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  • Formed: Jun 17, 2008
  • I've noticed that there are tons of people on who are also quite keen on poetry and writing - this is a group for anyone interested in sharing/critiquing their poetry, lyrics or any type of writing. I figure it's overdue that we have a place to congregate! -Rael (June, 2008)

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  • Uh, yeah. Nailed it. Not only perfect scannison & rhyme, but even had a perfect segue in scannison between the two couplets. I may be able to retire soon.

    by byronnottingham 47 minutes ago

  • Perhaps "simple words" was the incorrect phrase. She strings together words in a most natural way. As I implied to her, it makes us feel like we, the readers, are almost experiencing what she writes about. A rare quality.

    by byronnottingham 56 minutes ago

  • And I am sitting in the Grook Forum trying to write a grook and stuck with words..... LOL road block. hahaha ;) Loved it though, thanks. Mine may only make sense to me once I finally pull the words out.

    by BlueEyedLady 56 minutes ago

  • The aphorism of that grook may not be clear. It arose from a recent conversation in which I pointed out to BEL that she gives powerful messages, in simple words. This is not easy to do. I, for one, am unable...

    by byronnottingham 61 minutes ago

  • Welcome, BEL. Short grook, dedicated to you.

    by byronnottingham 73 minutes ago

  • Thank you Byron ;) Glad to be in this team. I look forward to checking out the forum posts! Have not had time to read much there as of yet, but it is on my list to do!

    by BlueEyedLady 86 minutes ago

  • I wish to welcome BlueEyedLady. She is a wonderful human being. And a chess friend.

    by byronnottingham 88 minutes ago

  • Must be related to the upgrade. I found a mistake in my words of a recent poem, & when I choose "edit"' I am sent to a poem from eight years ago. Must try to be more careful with my wording now, I suppose.

    by byronnottingham 119 minutes ago

  • Got the reference, JamieD. Burt & Hal, 1968. Dion Warwick hit, 1969. I was six years old, & humans first set foot on another planet.

    by byronnottingham 5 hours ago

  • not all that poetic though. maybe I should (cough) move this kind of thing somewhere else :D

    by barredowl 5 hours ago