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Pune Chess Team

  • Pune India 
  • Formed: Mar 22, 2012
  • This is the original chess group created by Shrikant Bhosale , for Pune City...

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  • hey chessers just one thing where is the authentic garden vada pao....where can i find it???

    by avalanche_95 7 months ago

  • Namaskar Punekar...! Marathi Bhasha Divasachya Hardik Subheccha...!

    by Nikhil545 8 months ago

  • ya sure ...

    by chess_pune 12 months ago

  • true.. Once there are 4 or 5 members we can build up the group..

    by vizkris 12 months ago

  • that will be great ....who wants to get together for OTB games

    by chess_pune 12 months ago

  • Hi all.. Do members here get together for OTB games?

    by vizkris 13 months ago

  • Guess Anyone wants to play for the team , Pls Join

    by gautam2012 15 months ago

  • some body plz join the match ....below link we just need one active player

    by chess_pune 15 months ago


    by chess_pune 15 months ago


    by rajan_thakurdesai 16 months ago