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Rock 'n' Roll

  • International 
  • Formed: Jun 4, 2009
  • I know it's only Rock 'n' Roll but I like it! If you are a huge fan of Rock & Roll, please join this group. We discuss about famous rock groups, rock virtuosos, guitars and, of course, chess! We play Team Matches, Vote Chess and our forum is really active. Anyone can join!

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  • hi

    by death-13 13 months ago

  • band was recently established on the German rock band Rammstein join. http://www.chess.com/groups/view/rammstein

    by Krahe13 3 years ago

  • My group would like to play yours, bu I see you have no SA, so no one to accept challenge.

    by Rockerbob 3 years ago

  • Hey, let's hit this thing again. I'm down for some vote chess. Who's in? Kombeville, if you're too busy I get that, I've been busy too, but I can commit a bit if you want another admin, I'll take on the task.

    by musicalhair 3 years ago

  • unfortunately our super admin goodguy93 was deleted by chess.com because of a misunderstanding:( we tried everything but they banned him:( i work alot, so i have not much time to do something in a group but i'll ask him what to do! he is one of my best chessfriends since chess.com:) greetings from cologne, mark

    by kombeville 4 years ago

  • how do we have no "super admin"? I was looking over some of our vote chess, and we were/are a damn good team. We should et back to that.

    by musicalhair 4 years ago

  • Look after your pawns and your pieces will look after themselves. --Michael Stean, in Simple Chess, 1978 (thx to qixel:)

    by kombeville 4 years ago

  • received a nice note from nerdette77 re: good contemporary rock bands, thank you nerdette77

    by eddiewsox 5 years ago

  • ROCK ON!!

    by totalPusstruction 5 years ago

  • i am listin to oasis now

    by totalPusstruction 5 years ago