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Team China 中国队

  • 1th Team China China 
  • Formed: Oct 15, 2008
  • Team China 中国队chess.com官方国家队(QQ groupnumber 148279836)我们宗旨是为华人及国际友人提供一个国际象棋交流平台,本组定期举办各类比赛,并提倡组员之间分享国际象棋资源.我们参加世界联赛和亚洲联赛。我们接受所有华人。全球华人让我们联合起来! All Chinese around the globe, please join team Chinese and make your contribution in our World League and Asia League matches. Countries battle it out in fierce team competition, with an internal ranking system and all-inclusive rating divisions! Members can only play and represent one Country in the World League and are encouraged to fly their flag accordingly.Members already playing with a different country team in official WL games, will be removed!Members NOT from this country/region/Lineage/Language will be removed. And please join the QQ group 148279836 if you use QQ.Group name is the club. Thanks