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Team Hampshire

  • Hampshire United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Feb 20, 2009
  • The team for all players from Hampshire! Among other things, we shall soon be competing in the Inter-County Championship!

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  • Hello all, TGBE is looking for new members, should any of you be looking for an active team, with plenty of matches for all ratings.

    by Maytin2 4 months ago

  • Closing date to enter 2016 county champs is Dec 1st- let me know if you want to join the league or maybe just enter the cup competition. Thanks.

    by matt1979 7 months ago

  • Your group will need an active admin to organise and lock team matches. If anyone is willing to take on the role, contact and see if they will make you admin of the group.

    by matt1979 10 months ago

  • I'd be up for it, if we struggle to get higher-rated players.

    by JamesGuffySparkle 10 months ago

  • I am the controller of the county champs, do you think you can organise a team of at least 4 players?

    by matt1979 10 months ago

  • I would enjoy a game.

    by DoubleDum 10 months ago

  • Anyone interested in entering a Hampshire team in next year's county championship?

    by matt1979 10 months ago

  • I joined hoping we were more active than this... Maybe we should re-form the county championship?

    by ThomasJEvans 22 months ago

  • indeed

    by Craigrrr 2 years ago

  • Hi .. wow we've not been doing much on here !

    by Chas-Chapman 3 years ago

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