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Team Ottawa

  • Ottawa Canada 
  • Formed: Mar 16, 2010
  • If you live in Ottawa and want to join in the Canadian Cities Championship, Join !! We'll have lots of fun !

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  • for any new people who have joined this group, because the super admin is unavailable, we had to create a new Ottawa chess team...please go to

    by fbobobby 23 months ago

  • Thank you for accept in this team.

    by mdanar 23 months ago

  • The account of Ivanenko was closed for cheating, please unlock for replacement

    by try64squares 23 months ago

  • yes...we could try contacting and getting them to make one of us the super, just to get control. or maybe give us an email for the current guy, so he could come in and pass it on. i'll send them an email, see if they can help.

    by fbobobby 3 years ago

  • Only you would have to do it because i am not a diamond member.

    by CP6033 3 years ago

  • that's not a bad long as the members switch over...good idea Mainline_Novelty!

    by CP6033 3 years ago

  • anyone up for making a new Team Ottawa group?

    by Mainline_Novelty 3 years ago

  • and only one Admin...

    by CP6033 3 years ago

  • 4 weeks later no SA. This team is pretty much dead without an SA who is online!

    by CP6033 3 years ago

  • ok so we need one more 1400/1500 player to play in the team match. anyone?

    by CP6033 3 years ago

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