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Team Port-Harcourt

  • The Bloodline(Oil) of Nigeria Nigeria 
  • Formed: Jun 15, 2011
  • We are a team of players that are specifically from Port-Harcourt a powerful and influencial city as we are the life blood of Nigeria and we welcome members descent from Port-Harcourt or currently works in Port-Harcourt. We are also the official team representing Port-Harcourt in the World Cities League and the World Cities Cup championships so come and join us. Arise o Compatriots!

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  • We’ll be holding a friendly chess tournament in port-harcourt. Cash prizes will be awarded.The best chess player in Port-Harcourt would be at the venue. If interested contact 08066058310,08055055691. Thank you

    by teenextraodinaire 2 years ago

  • do u guys meet for chess game or this is a group to discuss chess tornament

    by chesslinqua 2 years ago

  • we start playing as soon as members indicate willingness to play. our last propose team match was cancelled due to non registration of ph members for the match.

    by fanti 3 years ago

  • when are we goin to face oda cities its bn a while

    by bishoperick 3 years ago

  • Maths_lover you don't seem Nigerian to me.

    by Knightern 4 years ago

  • I work in PHC. We'll start balling and conquering soon. I player to go. Right Jeanjarrgh?

    by Knightern 4 years ago

  • so do you play in competitions or something?

    by teenextraodinaire 4 years ago

  • Good day guys, I just accepted a challenge from Team Abuja to a 4 man match duel. Follow the link below and lets show them what we are made of.

    by fanti 5 years ago

  • Welcome to our new members, Chiedozie and Amok. When we have 8 members we can start participating in team matches.

    by Jeanjarrgh 5 years ago

  • Bossman, ..from Ogun to Lagos, again! lol

    by questa 5 years ago