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Teens of chess

  • Where ever there is a teenager International 
  • Formed: Feb 14, 2009
  • This is a group for the teens of join the group if you like going crazy and under 20 . JOIN NOW!!!!! says every teen in the land we are the most popular teen group yeah This team is associated to Chess Society.

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  • :)

    by Kacparov 10 months ago

  • Of course it is

    by RedSoxpawn 10 months ago

  • lol yea pretty much

    by FIRE_FOR_EFFECT 10 months ago

  • the group is dead ;)

    by Kacparov 11 months ago

  • Hi, can i be an admin ?

    by CiHANGiR_98 11 months ago

  • Doesn't take much

    by RedSoxpawn 24 months ago

  • Yeah we died again

    by Kacparov 24 months ago

  • I live in a city comprised of 2 university's and a couple of decent sized colleges. I understand what you mean by that

    by RedSoxpawn 24 months ago

  • yeah and for me it means that I will be staying 2 weeks at an empy campus and 1 week on a tournament... but it's still better than school

    by Kacparov 24 months ago

  • It falls in the wI terms vacation time of year. they lump Christmas and new years together as an excuse to not work for nearly a month

    by RedSoxpawn 24 months ago