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The Chess.com Art Group

  • everywhere International 
  • Formed: Aug 20, 2011
  • All artists are welcome... successful or not successful does not matter. Are you are writer? A painter? A photographer? A musician? Are you an actor/actress?Are you creating sculptures? Woodwork? Installation? Video Installation? A very special chess artist? Are you a gardener? Are you doing Ikebana? Tin Soldiers? Do you play with your kids toys? Or are you planning one of the above? Did you always wanted to do something very creative? Well, join us and let us take over the world... and do not think that a banker is an artist...No way you could join in...unless... you are very convincing :-)

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  • The group description mentions gardening. I love gardening. There does not seem to be to many gardeners on the site ?

    by Fonzell 16 months ago