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The Gambiteers

  • Texas United States 
  • Formed: Nov 7, 2010
  • This group is all about gambiting, sacrificing, and losing. The main objective is to learn what sacrifices and gambits are worth playing.

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  • i'm great at giving away pieces lol

    by Cam94 5 years ago

  • I'm inviting our co-gambiteers to join us in Gambit Ears. We have vote chess and team matches ongoing.

    by sollevy10 5 years ago

  • Anyone have any news about Maddie?

    by M_D_S 5 years ago

  • Hey everybody, I just wanted everyone to know that you can play unlimited free tactics at

    by JD_Salinger 6 years ago

  • Friends of Maddie might like to know that she is recovering nicely, but still a ways to go. She says "hello" to all, and will say it "in person", hopefully soon.

    by M_D_S 6 years ago

  • oops.. continued... long time because she forgot how to play. I got in touch with her by sending her an email by "send email" link on her profile. I'm sure she would like to see some "well-wishes" from you.

    by hisrook 6 years ago

  • Maddie had designed our chess club's logo in Kentucky. I sent her a complimentary T-shirt with this new logo on it. I followed up with her by email just recently and asked her how she was doing, and let her know everyone was asking about her. She said she had some trouble, actually got into a coma for 18 days. She is back home now and recovering, she said she will stop by and say hi sometime and sends her love to everyone. She also said she is not sure she'll be able to play chess for a lon

    by hisrook 6 years ago

  • Did anyone try again to call Maddie?

    by M_D_S 6 years ago

  • I called Maddie but there was no answer, that was 2 weeks ago. We are all worried.

    by JD_Salinger 6 years ago

  • Yes, please try to call her. we are all concerned.

    by hisrook 6 years ago