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  • Formed: Sep 23, 2007
  • THE TERMINATORZ is a fine group which concerns more with QUALITY than quantity, and a healthy, friendly environment for playing chess. We play Team-Matches, std and 960 (1-3d/m); VoteChess (2-3 d/m). Our vote chess environment is one of the best in Therefore we select members (who want to join us) very carefully. You must be sincerely interested in chess (people members of too many groups, playing too many simultaneous games, or members of groups we are currently competing against, have less chance of approval). We look at how long you are member of (newly joined people have less chance). You should have only sincere interests in chess (spammers, trolls, racists, fanatics, cheaters and rude people are discouraged; admins of other groups who join solely for the purpose of recruiting more members for their groups are also strongly discouraged). Currently we are accepting players with ratings 1900+ among other considerations.