Life is back in Neo-Atlantis. Long ago, there lived a city called Atlantis. It was a beautiful city with beautiful people and beautiful animals until it was sunken. It lied in ruins underneath the ocean for thousands of years, until it was brought back... ATLANTIS HAS RETURNED! Together, the city will rise once more, this time as NEO ATLANTIS, a mixture between past and future! Help build this civilization from the ground up and join!

You can have so much fun with:

- A bunch of prizes that you could win (yes, this means memberships), AND have fun at the same time!

- Raffle Tickets which you can use to play in raffles!

- Constant, helpful chess coaching from professionals (hopefully)

- Earn different ranks and titles to show off!

- Friendly, argument-free conversation (advertising NOT allowed)!

- More!

*NOTE: Membership Prizes unfortunately disabled. Please join, they might come back!

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