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24 सित॰ 2015
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Suppose I should give some information about myself, as I have been on here long enough now. Last time I played competitively was back in 1994, before I got married. 

Firstly about my name. I got the nickname Hollywood from playing Poker and basically over acting, usually before folding. That said it hasn't done me any harm, as my tells are my acts in a subtle way. Total profit about £7,000 about £3,000 online and £4,000 live. I am also very keen on Horse Racing Total profit here about £45,000. Not many bookmakers will take my bets any more.

As for Chess, 1980 Surrey U-18 Chess Champion in quite an illustrious field that included Joe Gallagher, who I used to know very well, played poker against him on many occasions. Never quite got to the standard I should have done though, but still feel there is some spark left in my game.

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