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2020. jan. 18.
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Whether, you like Standard chess such as Live, Daily and Vote Chess or Chess Variants such as 3 Check, King of the Hill, Crazyhouse, Bughouse and Live 960 you should join our club. Why?...


  • We host successive Daily tournaments for our members.
  • Also, we play 200+ Daily Team Matches and 20+ Vote Chess games at any given point.
  • Furthermore, we participate in Daily Team Matches and Vote Chess leagues.


In addition, we are currently participating in following Leagues: 

  • ONE WORLD League Live Chess, Daily Chess and Vote Chess
  • World Chess Team Olympiad
  • Power League
  • Thematic Matches and Tournaments Championship
  • New Wave Vote League


Furthermore, at end of every month we will award 1 month Gold membership to the Best Daily Chess player for that month. In addition, we are awarding another 1 month Gold membership to 4 other members every month. Like that we are awarding 60 memberships for Daily Chess players for one year.


  • We are arranging many Live tournaments of 3 Check, Crazyhouse, King of the Hill, Bughouse, Live 960, Bullet, Hyper Bullet, Ultra Bullet, Blitz and Rapid types every day.

* We are awarding 3-5 Gold Memberships to active players in our Live tournaments every month.


  • We are arranging one major Arena tournament (of type: 3 Check, King of the Hill, Crazyhouse, Blitz or Bullet)  each month and we will be awarding a 1 month Gold Membership to the first place winner.



We are a very big community currently being in the 47th position in member count on chess.com of nearly 125000 clubs.


  • We are the number 1 club that award many 1month Gold memberships every month.
  • We are having highest number of Live Tournaments among all the clubs.
  • We are rank 22nd position in Vote Chess from nearly 125000 clubs.
  • We are rank 123rd position in Daily Chess from nearly 125000 clubs.


Please join and we are happy to welcome you to our club.

Thank you