AFC Bournemouth

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2015. márc. 25.
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Please allow me to introduce AFC Bournemouth. We are a friendly but very active group that caters for players of all levels from beginner to expert. Based loosely on a football club on the sunny south coast of England, we are ambitious and so are looking for players like yourself to join and help grow our group. 
We very much hope that you will decide to join us. Once in, it’s then up to you decide how much you want to participate. You will never have to wait very long for a game, but it will be your choice as to when and how often you play. Also, don’t worry if you are in another group. rules say you can be a member of up to 200 groups. We play Daily Chess and Chess960 in a number of leagues.
So do please feel welcome to come on in and give us a try. 
Hoping to see you soon.​
Very Best Wishes,