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Bishop Beasts

Bishop Beasts

Alapítva: 2013. jún. 10.
tag: 2
We are the Bishop Beasts! We are some of the most powerful bishops you have ever seen! We will take over all the diagonals in a chess game! We do tons of team matches and vote chess to show our strength. Most of all, we want to prove that bishops are way better than rooks. So if your like the above, then THIS is the group for you!


  • Bejelentkezve May 8, 2017

    Fred Xu | Melbourne, Ausztrália

    Csatlakozása a klubhoz: 2013. jún. 10.

    Nem jegyzett
  • Bejelentkezve 9 nappal ezelőtt

    Jack Himstedt | St. Louis, Egyesült Államok

    Csatlakozása a klubhoz: 2013. jún. 10.