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2010. jún. 22.
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Welcome to Diamond Members and Staff

The Diamond Members and Staff group was created to unite Diamond members, the highest tier of premium membership of chess.com, and chess.com Staff.

The purpose of this group is to explore the extra benefits of Diamond membership and reap the full benefits of Diamond Membership.

Staff and Diamond members  together can create a rich chess environment for all!

Diamond membership or official Staff status is required to join this group.

We also participate in the following leagues!

Team Match Champions League, Knockout Champions League, Knockout Vote Chess Championships, Club Chess Tour Championships, 1 World League, 1WL Vote Championships  plus many more including many team matches against the best groups on this site!

Plus our own annual D&SM's Championship!

Please join us for the ultimate chess experience!
Play in matches only at your leisure and only when you have the time!
We listen to what our members want!
At D&SM we take our chess seriously but make it a lot of fun for all our members to enjoy! happy.png
It would be an honor and a pleasure for us if YOU join our amazing group!

Requirements needed to join this group!

Diamond membership or official Staff

You must be a member of chess.com for at least 3 months! 

Have played a minimum of 10 on-line daily games! 

Your timeout percentile is between 0 and 10%! 

Cheaters are not welcome into this group!

Have fun and god bless!