Dynamic Chess Club

2020. ápr. 26.
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https://lichess.org/team/steinway-crew Request to join Steinway Crew team now. Tournaments every night at 8:00pm
Tournament starting now! Open Viewer Tournament at 2p CT! https://www.chess.com/live#r=231526
Dynamic Chess Rapid 10-Min Arena tournament TODAY from 7p CT to 9p CT! Join this club first: https://www.chess.com/club/dynamic-chess-club Tournament link: https://www.chess.com/live#r=230764 Registration is open 1 hour before the start! $50 winner takes all Any additional donations or Twitch subscriptions (from 7p to 9p CT today) will be added to the prize fund! The tournament will be streamed on twitch.tv/dynamicchessinc Grandmasters Mark Paragua and Alexander Lenderman are confirmed!
Don't forget we have a tournament every Saturday at 2p! Pease be sure to register BEFORE 2P to ensure the tournament starts. Register here: https://www.chess.com/live#r=217857 These tournaments will typically be streamed on twitch.tv/dynamicchessinc
Jun 4, 2020
I’m @snooopDoD from twitch